Blush Review: NARS Douceur

This is just my opinion on NARS Douceur. I'm not here to advertise or anything. This was all purchased by me. Please don't judge, this is just me. Everyone is difference.

NARS Douceur (soft pink brown))
What it is: A soft, sheer pressed powder blush.

Left: NARS Douceur. Right: MAC Blushbaby

My thoughts: Sephora describe this as a soft pink brown. I read others reviews and people said this is like another version of MAC Blushbaby. I do own Blushbaby and from memories, it does seem like Blushbaby. When I actually get to test the product on, I don't think that it's comparable. MAC Blush is more pink, while Douceur is more of a soft brown with a hint of muted pink. Blushbaby does not have an shimmer. Douceur does, it have very little bits of shimmer. It's not noticeable, so don't freak out. You don't even noticed it until you put it up close to your eyes. When I first saw this at the Sephora counter, it caught my eyes right now. I tried swatching it on my hand and the color felt like there was nothing. Either it blend into my skin nicely, or it matches my skin, or even the Sephora lighting was bad. I don't know. I walked away, but something kept pulling me back, so I had to buy it. Then knowing that it was from a new collection, I had to get. I'm a addict for limited editions.

The texture&finish: Most of NARS blush are known for their pigmentation. I don't think this blush is very pigmented, maybe for the Light skin tone. For NARS Blushes, you would usually dip the blush into the products once and that's all you need. For Douceur, I feel like I have to dip it a couple times. I don't know if it's just me or so, but I like dipping it more than once. It gives more control of the color. I do not like dipping into a blush once because that's too much color for me, it'll make my face look like a clown. I like working with the blush, or maybe I'm just a blush freak that like the feeling of putting blush onto my face (;

Rating: 4+

This is my reviews, let me know if you know more about it. Or is there something you would like to know, please ask. I'm new at this.


  1. thanks for the review! I kinda like the lighter pink one so it's not too intense on my pale skin hehe :)

    Jennifer & Sherry